Duty Free Mandarin

JP is circling the duty-free gift shop, despairing about bringing a proper gift.  The smartly-dressed 服務員 attendant gracefully and confidently approaches.

JP:  Are these all chocolates?

服務員 smiling proudly: These are dried fruit, those are nuts.

JP:  And they’re all covered with chocolate.

服務員 smiling proudly:  Correct.

JP:  I’d like gift that is essentially Taiwan.  Are these (pointing to macadamia nuts) typical Taiwan?

服務員 looking concerned:  They are probably from Asia.

JP:  Ah, from Asia.  But the picture is very nice.

服務員 smiling proudly:  Yes, that’s Taipei 101.  Many boxes have Taiwanese landmarks.  This one has the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall and Liberty Square.

JP:  Yes, but this is a gift for a… Mainland friend; they may become angry.

服務員 smiling proudlyCorrect, they may become angry.

JP:  I’ll take this one.

服務員 smiling proudly:  Would you like any tea leaves?

JP:  No thank you.

(服務員 smilies proudly and offers a grand gesture to the cashier’s desk)

(end scene)

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