I had a hard time sleeping last night, nervous about this flight to Shanghai.  I set my alarm for way too early and then got up half and hour before it went off.  My regular sandwich shop wasn’t open that early, so I went to another, had a ham, egg, and pork patty triple-decker (the standard crustless wonderbread Taiwan breakfast sandwich).  I caught a cab to the airport, it was super fast at the crack of dawn.  I paid about $35 bones USD.
I got to the gate two hours early.  Seriously.  I tried to hang out at the cafe, but it was freezing there.  So now I’m sitting at the gate, which is an enormous hall with hundreds of seats.  There’s one other person in here waiting as well.  I wish I had brought my sweater.
  1. 共產主義 gòngchǎn zhǔyì: communism
  2. 共產 gòngchǎn: communist
  3. 金盾工程 jīndùngōngchéng: Golden Shield Project, also known as the Great Firewall of China
  4. 翻牆 fānqiáng: (literally) to climb over the wall; to breach the Great Firewall of China
  5. 河蟹 héxiè: river crab; internet censorship (pun on ‘harmonious’ 和諧|和谐 (he2 xie2), which is blocked by the great firewall of China)
  6. 和諧 héxié: harmonious; concordant
  7. 禮貌 lǐmào: courtesy; politeness; manners
  8. 毛巾 máojīn: towel; washcloth
  9. 浴巾 yùjīn: bath towel
  10. 洗澡 xǐzǎo: bathe; take a bath or shower; bath or shower


One thought on “Nerves

  1. Just an observation by someone who does not know Chinese language at all…禮貌 lǐmào: courtesy; politeness; manners …. looks like “lmao”
    with an extra “L”. Ironic?


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