See You Tomorrow in Shanghai

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A lot of the photos in the slideshow above are from yesterday’s Airport Adventure, in which Aussie L runs into a paperwork snag.  I won’t go into it here because it’s not really about me.
I’m about to go to dinner now; then back upstairs to pack for Shanghai, and then maybe hotpot later with the boys, we’ll see.
When I was planning my trip to Shanghai, I really only wanted to see friends and go shopping; get clothes made, etc, which really could have been done in eight days.  Eight days became ten for the purposes of cheap flights.  Now when I think about it, ten days in Shanghai seems to be a long time.
I’ll be studying with a teacher of course, and I can’t wait to see old friends (I’ll wait until I have a phone number to contact you all).  I do have to admit there is a little bit of dread in my heart to return to the mainland, just because of all the aggressiveness it requires.  Taipei, by contrast, is calm and civilized to the point of being almost boring.
We’ll see how it goes.  I’m not sure if I’ll learn a lot of new vocab tomorrow, but you never know…
  1. 偏僻 piānpì: remote and isolated; far from the city
  2. 金桔 jīnjú: kumquat
  3. 恭喜 gōngxǐ: congratulate
  4. 舀 yǎo: to spoon out; to scoop up
  5. 果凍 guǒdòng: jello
  6. 足底按摩 zúdǐ’ànmó: foot massage
  7. 舒服 shūfu: comfortable; feeling well
  8. 健康 jiànkāng: health; healthy
  9. 模樣 múyàng: appearance; form; approximation
  10. 刷卡 shuākǎ: swipe a card; use a credit card
  11. 打扮 dǎban: dress up; put on make up
  12. 午覺 wǔjiào: afternoon nap

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