Shanghai, China: It’s still here.

I am posting this by email from a Starbucks in Shanghai, China; I hope it finds you well. I have arrived safely and have been having a great time so far.

Here’s the deal: if you leave a comment on the blog I’ll be able to see it immediately, but I won’t be able to leave a reply comment until I return to Taipei. If you leave a comment on Facebook or Twitter, I won’t see it at all until next week. If you’re trying to get a hold of me for a quick reply, a direct email is best.

Davidico picked me up at the airport today, and from there we went to eat 烤, which was amazing. There was also spinach, soft tofu, cucumbers, peanuts, and a crazy shrimp dish. Then he and his dad helped me get a SIM card for 25块 (as you can see, I’m back to 简体字. My Shanghai number is 1 358 557 5791, and I’m pretty sure I won’t answer calls, so text is best.

So I’m house sitting at my friends’ place in Jinqiao and it is amazing. I am torn between buying food at the store and cooking, or going into town to my old haunts (Yidi Massage, Bar Constellation, Japanese food on 新乐路).

I didn’t keep track of the change in my pocket, so I almost paid for an iced tea at Starbucks with a Taiwan coin… It definitely has Chiang Kai-Sheck on it. Oops.

Tomorrow: fabric market, eyeglass market. Hopefully some of my old friends will have time for me. We’ll see.

One last thing: there’s a lot of people I wish were here to hang out with me, most of all I miss Amber and Kiwi Jim. Sigh.

Now that I’ve had that moment, I’m off to have new adventures.

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