4 July, 2012 00:48

So this morning I took a cab to the subway, and immediately as I got onto the plaza, someone’s coming at me saying "shopping?" "you wanna buy a watch?" When they start coming after me, following me, I get tense. I shook off that particular guy by saying 不不不不不不 "no."

Then, down below, another guy is following me around saying "shopping? you want a watch?" The answer, my friends, is no, I don’t want a watch, but when I do want a watch, I will get it my damn self. I don’t need a guide to buy a watch. I’m not a moron.

As you can see, I take things quite personally. Also, I haven’t worn a watch since the early nineties.

So now, I"m already aggravated, and the guy is still following me, and my hands are all tense because I’m trying to keep them from making fists. I turn to and seethe 我来坐地铁, I’ve come to ride the subway.

So the dude makes the grand gesture indicating the subway entrance (there’s no pointing in Shanghai, only the grand gesture), and he says 哦哦哦来坐地铁. Oh, you’re gonna ride the subway. 不要凶 Don’t be so mean.

See, in this country, he is reasonable, and I am mean. I my country you better NOT. follow me around in the subway station.

Anyway, I went to the new ChinesePod office to go to lunch with Davidico. Connie and Jiaojie were there, and they called me 极品, which is a pretty cool apodo. Davidico mentioned that Connie isn’t married, yet, she she says, "yep, you still have a chance! " I told her I’d give her a call.

高級 gāojí: high-level; high-grade; advanced

現金 xiànjīn: cash

交通卡 jiāotōngkǎ: transportation card

悠遊卡 yōuyóukǎ: EasyCard (Taiwan)

極品 jípǐn: [Literary] highest grade; best quality

機會 jīhuì: opportunity; chance; occasion

隧道 suìdào: tunnel

大橋 dàqiáo: great bridge

閃電 shǎndiàn: lightning

xiōng: fierce; terrible; ominous; violent; cruel

I seem to remember the freeway as being called the 高 公, but I’m not certain.

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