Gotta Get Down On Friday

Plans today:

  • lunch with Davidico, figure out sidewalk pen situation.
  • hang out with Aussie Matt… dang! forgot to bring a copy of his book to autograph!
  • quick drink at Liliana’s party

In my lesson yesterday, I tried to ask about a pretty big scandal involving American diplomacy recently. My teacher didn’t know what I was talking about, so I told her that today I’d give her the skinny. I had to look up a bunch of words, but was hesitant to list therm here, which is a shame. I should probably be safe, though, if I remove the Chinese words. And the English words.

Aussie L is stuck at the airport in Seoul with some kind of 20 hour layover. Brutal. Here’s a shout-out…

  1. chǒushì: el escándalo (el asunto)
  2. chǒuwén: el escándalo(el fenómeno en las noticias)
  3. mángrén: el ciego
  4. lǜshī: el abogado
  5. duòtāi: el aborto
  6. zǐgōng: el útero
  7. qiēchú: la extracción quirúgico
  8. yōujìn: el arresto domiciliario
  9. wàiqiáng: el muro
  10. dàshǐguǎn: la embajada
  11. bìnàn: aislo, solicitar asilo
  12. bìhù: aisilo, dar/ofrecer aisilo
  13. liúwáng: desterrar, estar en exilio

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