No Day Off from Vocab

Whoops, forgot to include vocab on that last post. Can’t go back and edit, because… social harmony. So I’ll list them here.

To you these lists may seem dry and random, but I’m glad I’ve been posting them; they remind me of the great conversations I’ve been having.

  1. 大肚子 dàdǔzi: pregnant
  2. 重身子 zhòngshēnzi: pregnant
  3. 懷孕 huáiyùn: become pregnant; have conceived
  4. 丟面子 diū miànzi: to lose face
  5. 賣面子 màimiànzi: to curry favor for a third party, to earn points for someone else
  6. 買面子 mǎimiànzi: to defer to someone, to allow someone to save face
  7. 愛面子 ài miànzi: be sensitive about one’s reputation
  8. 失面子 shīmiànzi: to lose face
  9. 礙面子 àimiànzǐ: (not do sth) for fear of offending sb
  10. 駁面子 bómiànzi: to contradict sb to his face / insensitive to other’s feelings
  11. 爭面子 zhēngmiànzǐ: to fight for a good reputation
  12. 着急 zháojí: to worry; feel anxious
  13. 神奇 shénqí: miraculous; magical; mystical
  14. 出差 chū chāi: go on a business trip
  15. 特意 tèyì: specially for; with the special intention of
  16. 碰到 pèngdào: run into; meet
  17. 感覺 gǎnjué: to feel; become aware of; feeling
  18. 前幾天 qiánjǐtiān: last few days; several days ago
  19. mēn, mèn: stuffy; cover tightly; keep silent bored; melancholy; sealed
  20. 享受 xiǎngshòu: enjoy
  21. 過程 guòchéng: course of events; process
  22. 食堂 shítáng: dining hall; cafeteria
  23. 希望 xīwàng: to hope; wish for; to desire
  24. 習慣 xíguàn: habit; be accustomed to; usual practice

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