How should I get to the airport? (Readers’ poll)

Today is my last day in Shanghai. I have to do laundry, pick up some stuff that I ordered, one last lesson on Nanjing Road.

I’m behind the GFW so I can’t do a fancy poll, but we can do this the old fasioned way…

How should I get to the airport tomorrow?

  • a. Laowai Express (i.e., taxi cab all the way)
  • b. The Classic (subway or cab to Maglev Bullet Train, laugh as the train whooshes by traffic at a screaming fast 400kph)
  • c. The Xinku Special (take the subway’s new Line 2 extension aaaall the way out. Slow, underground, less than a dollar)

Please leave your votes and your skarky comments in the comments section of this post, or on Facebook where they’ll be read once and then buried with the advance of time.


Some memorable scenes from this week:

  • Going into the Praxis office; the cleaning lady recognizes me. Do you remember me? she asks. Of course I do, I say, and then I remembered that I could never understand her. Good to see her though.
  • At a restaurant I’m used topping off other people’s tea cups before filling my own. Davidico put his foot down when he saw me pouring out a glass of beer for him. "That’s too 客气" pretentiously formal, he says. I gave a bottle you have a bottle, we can pour our own beer.
  • Aussie Matt wondered to me if G had come out of the closet yet. I was a little astounded, I wondered if he was outing him to me. Matt explained, oh, he was always so homophobic, I always teased him that it must be how he deals with his own homosexual tendencies. It was an absolutely hilarious thing to say, but I was so stunned I didn’t laugh, so I said, that was an absolutely hilarious thing you just said now.
  • I met Jamie at a Hunnan restaurant on Wulumuqi Road; I had eaten there a couple of times before when I lived here. During the meal, in the middle of our conversation, I was distracted the older lady who worked there… she walked out of the bathroom with a wet face, bent over and gently blotted her face dry with the loose corner of a tablecloth that was on a banquet table in the dining room. the next set of customers sitting at that table won’t know their table cloth is her face towel. Later that night another employee came out of the restroom with her long hair totally drenched. She came out and stood in front of the A/C and brushed her hair, toweled off a little, as Jamie and I on the other side of the room ate our garlic shoots with bacon.
  • Walking through an Austrian restaurant and accidentally kicking the leg of a toddler’s high chair. I apologized profusely in English and everyone at the table, giant blonde people, including the baby, just looked at me with contempt.
  • The happy girl from the Simply Life Bakery recognized me on the street. She was off duty and out of uniform, but still super cheerful. It was her that taught me how to say 法棍 and 馆子。

3 thoughts on “How should I get to the airport? (Readers’ poll)

      • Haha Ross, I didn’t know you read my blog! Sadly, the option I chose was the Laowai Express, which was both slow and expensive… I was in Jinqiao so the airport buses sounded boring…


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