Shanghai: The Lost Day

Aaaand we’re back! It was my mama who noticed first, and then Jinqiao M of the Sunday Dinner Club; my blog has been suspended due to a violation of the terms of service. Not sure which rule I broke.

This happened to one other person I know, a friend of mine who was blogging from Chengdu. He says they thought he was a bot; he said, I’m not a bot, and they reinstated his blog.

I’m behind the GFW with no VPN, which means I can’t access the wordpress site. I chatted someone back in Seattle and asked them fill out the form on the wordpress sight on my behalf (thanks B).


As I was going through the day today, I started to feel what it might be like to just live my life and not journal. But then I realized I’d forget all the amazing things I saw. I blog, because I am a forgettor.

I was feeling a bit sniffly so it was another "day off" for me. I slept in as usual, and then got cleaned up and wandered out to the subway. The goal of the day was to finish my gift shopping.

I hope the adults in my life know that I’m not getting them gifts. I only get trinkets and stuff for my little nieces and nephews, who might decide to hate me if I don’t. So I get them tiny things. The adults though, I don’t mind if they hate me. I don’t have a lot of money to throw around.

So to get these gifts, I decided to go aaaalll the way across town; this will allow me to bypass the aggressive middlemen who stand sadly outside markets and bet to take me to see things I can frakking find on my own. Seriously. So I skipped the big market right here at Keqiguan, I skipped the Nanjing Fake, and I went all the way out to Hongqiao Pearl City; the original fake market. Old school.

On the way down, I thought it might be a good idea to hop on the 9 train and get out on my old street: 马当路 Madang Road. I figured I would surface right across the street from the gates of my old neighborhood, but you know what? I was wrong. When I came up, it was 马当路 Madang Road, 徐家汇路 Xujiahui Road, which is a good two blocks from where I lived.

So I walked the two blocks and saw what was there and what was gone, what I remembered and what I had forgotten. It was muggy, and stinky; less stinky than I remembered. I past the tiny hole in the wall vegetable stand, where a family of three generations lived; I used to buy eggs from them, and green onions. I passed the entrance to my apartment complex; the guards were too busy hanging out to recognize me.

And then I realized, that subway station they had been building across the street all that time, it was never Line 9 Madang Road, it was Line 10 Xintiandi Station. Holy smokes, that would have made my life convenient.

So anyway, I got on Line 10 and rode it out to Hongqiao, walked the block to the Hongmei Lu restaurants, and got myself a wienerschnitzel, which came with potato salad and a green salad. Then I walked over to Pearl City and bought a bunch of silly gifts for my nieces and nephew. And then I came home.

There was a long chat with Aussie L over skype and then off to dinner; I had chicken in green curry.

Tomorrow is my last real day in Shanghai, and I’ll be picking up things I ordered last week. It’s supposed to be rainy stormy some more.

There’s no vocab today. It was a lost day.

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