Manila Meetup

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So my friends from organized a sandwich-centered meetup around ME, which made me feel like a rock star or something.  We met at Mad Mark’s in Pasig’s Kapitolio, a hip food street (the rest of the streets in this town are “food streets” too, believe me).  It was awesome to see them, and to go for a drink after.  I talked their faces off until they were falling asleep.

If that isn’t cool enough, my long lost cousins who I’d never met before showed up at the meetup!  I’m getting reacquainted with them through the miracle of facebook, and it was awesome to meet them.  If only we had more time!

Today is my third and last day in Manila, but it feels like I’ve been here for months.  Friday was a chill-out day, which I needed after that Cebu Pacific red-eye.  Yesterday, Saturday, was van time; I spent a lot of time in the van.  We went on an errand to take my lovely nieces to the dress maker, but that became an epic traffic voyage, lost in the windy streets  behind the University of the Philippines-Diliman.  There was traffic, and a crazy rainstorm, and thankfully a huge lunch at Kanin Club.

There are tons of pictures of family and more to be taken, I will put them together in a future post.  Right now my cousin and nieces are at Mass.  I didn’t go because I didn’t want to put on long pants and shoes.  Guh.

Today I think is lunch at Kuya D’s and then who knows, but I should be at the airport at 8pm for my flight back to Taipei.

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