More Fun in the Philippines

If you’d like to see my photos from my time with Ate D and Kuya D, click on the gallery above, and scroll through to your heart’s content.

I tried to caption those photos, but they didn’t exactly come out, so you’ll have to guess who they are and what they’re doing.  What I’ll say now is that a weekend with family is was way too short, way too long a time coming, and way good for my heart.

The Philippines is a crazy, fascinating, complicated place; a Latin American country in Asia; an Asian country fluent in English language and American junk food…

In some way’s it’s a Red State fantasy…

  • guns, guns, guns… metal detectors at shopping malls
  • tax-dollars aren’t wasted on superfluous infrastructure like sooth-driving, well-maintained roads;
  • people can rely on the benevolence (?) of corporations to build them shopping malls, gated-communities, and other tall-fenced institutions that keep out the riff-raff
  • church & state are in bed with each other… there’s NO. DIVORCE… no evidence of contraception or latex protection that I saw…

I wonder if Rick Santorum wouldn’t feel more comfortable in the Philippines.

I, personally, feel awesome in the Philippines, not because of the Red State stuff, but because my cousins are fearsome (in a good way) and my nieces and nephew are the coolest.

What’s interesting (I shouldn’t be surprised) was wifi all over the place, the kids all have iPads and iPhones, everybody is texting.  Pasalubong is always fun, but at this point, there doesn’t seem to be much I could bring them from abroad that they couldn’t more easily obtain right there locally.

My nieces were fascinated by my travels; they counted 10 countries that I had been to, and then wished desperately that they could travel.  Then, their mom asked, hey, who’s going to pay for that!?

Mark my words; in 10 or 15 years, we’ll be asking my nieces for money to buy aspirin.

2 thoughts on “More Fun in the Philippines

  1. I’m sure all of them will travel everywhere someday. That’s the one thing I asked Dom when they were here, to allow them to travel when they can because exposure to other countries and various cultures not only enlightens and broadens their minds but also empowers them to become good stewards of the universe.


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