Notes on a 星期三; hungry again?

  • So I’ve been playing DrawSomething for a while now. Today I had to change my facebook password, so when I went into DrawSomething I noticed all my bombs were gone, as well as I’ll my colors.  SAD.  Such a bummer.  I sent an email, we’ll see. 
  • It’s 10 days until I go back to Seattle.  Suddenly what seemed like an endlessly long summer now feels way too short.
  • I ate a decent lunch today; tonkatsu with bonito flakes, also soup, rice, cabbage, tsukemono, 果凍  It’s three hours later and I’m hungry again.  I am pretty sure my weekend in Manila stretched my stomach capacity.  Sigh; I’ll drink water…
  • I met Kiwi Jks (pictured below) and his friend D last night at Frankie’s Pie Bar; they have Tsingdao on draft for 100塊 on Tuesday nights.  I had the Bobotie PIe, which was pretty good…  I’ll meet him and Taipei J again next week before I go back to Seattle.
  • Shilin Night Market tonight.
  • Vocab below.

  • 配眼鏡 pèiyǎnjìng: to have glasses made
  • 摔壞 shuāihuài: to drop and break
  • 掉 diào: to drop; to fall
  • 下來 xià lái: come down; (verb suffix indicating continuation, etc.)
  • 殺價 shājià: to bargain
  • 平價 píngjià: bargain price; stabilized prices; lower prices; parity
  • 高價 gāojià: high price
  • 低價 dījià: low price
  • 討價還價 tǎo jià huán jià: bargaining; haggling over price
  • 接機 jiējī: pick up at the airport; jointing machine; riveter
  • 猜 cāi: to guess
  • 推薦 tuījiàn: recommend; recommendation
  • 丘陵 qiūlíng: hills
  • 舟車勞頓 zhōuchēláodùn: fatigued by a long journey; travel-worn
  • 航班 hángbān: scheduled flight; flight number
  • 東部 dōngbù: the east; the eastern part
  • 西部 xībù: west; western part
  • 矮 ǎi: short; low
  • 阿姨 ā: auntie; step-mother; mother’s younger sister
  • 姑姑 gūgu: paternal aunt; father’s sister
  • 沙漠 shāmò: desert
  • 伯父 bófù: uncle; father’s elder brother
  • 舅舅 jiùjiu: mother’s younger brother; maternal uncle
  • 觀光客 guānguāngkè: tourist
  • 旅客 lǚkè: traveler; tourist
  • 差別 chābié: difference; disparity
  • 叔叔 shūshu: (informal) father’s younger brother; uncle
  • 感人 gǎnrén: moving; touching
  • 環島 huándǎo: travel around an island; roundabout traffic island

A few years ago a good friend (now long since faded into anonymity) asked me, JP, why do you blog?

It wasn’t a “I would like to know,” question; it was more of a “what the hell is wrong with you?” question.  It was really a criticism.

I didn’t have much of an answer then, I think I said something about keeping in touch, and publicity for work.  But here’s the truth:  the reason I write this blog is because I want to remember who I was, and who I am.

Years from now, I hope I still know the words from the vocab section; but I will have forgotten that I ate a bobotie pie with Kiwi Jks last night.  I won’t remember being bummed about losing all my DrawSomething colors, or feeling hungry only hours after eating a big tonkatsu.  Years from now? what I’m I saying; those of you who know me, know I will forget all that stuff hours from now.

I want to remember who I was, and who I am.  What’s the point of living an adventure if you’re only going to forget?

I’m sure the person who asked “why (on earth) do you blog? (sour face)” still wouldn’t understand.  It’s irrelevant, though; to that person I’m sure I’m all but forgotten.

2 thoughts on “Notes on a 星期三; hungry again?

  1. Woah. At first I was like, hey, Bobotie Pie, that’s South African! Then I checked out the Frankie’s Bar’s website. So awesome to see a South African shop in Taipei. Would hardly have thought.

    They even South African style shots (Springbokkie, Milktart!). If you have time you should totally try Rooibos tea. It’s a South African favourite.

    (P.S. – I’m South African if it wasn’t clear from my excitement 🙂 )


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