Last Saturday in Taipei

This morning I took a crowded Quince to Shida and had breakfast by myself and Grandma Nitti’s.  It was good to go there, and they’re super nice, but my huevos rancheros were just an abomination.  Doesn’t mean I didn’t eat them though!  I ran into Chicago J on the way to Benny’s Café, who himself was on his way to Grandma Nitti’s.  I’m sure he had better food than I did!

It was something like 36° C |  96° F today, but it was spectacularly sunny and a strong breeze was blowing, so it was pretty comfortable.   I spent a few hours at Benny’s Café, just surfing the web and facebooking and saturdaying around.  Finally, I decided it was freezing cold, so I came back to the apartment to do some laundry.  There was a little nap.

For lunch, I had a little adventure.. I to xok the 小7, a small little shuttle bus that winds through a dense little district between the Linguang Station (where I’m staying) and the Taipei 101 building.  I was psyched to find out I had a direct bus to the 101, and more psyched to ride it through the winding, narrow streets on such a picturesque day.  It took me right to the fancy shopping district.

Once I got off the bus, I realized I had forgot to chart my course back home…

I was considering seeing a movie by myself, but the theaters were packed, so I settled for a kebab.  I used the mall maps to triangulate a coffee shop where I can sit and Skritter; I found Barista Coffee, which is called 西雅圖咖啡 in Chinese (“Seattle Coffee”).  I was pretty stoked to see that it was on an enormous 4th floor rooftop patio, complete with plaza, fountains, garden, and palm trees.  There was no wifi up there though, and the strong breeze started turning gusty.

Ok, I thought.. how do I get back home… I thought about a cab, but then decided to just walk to the metro station.  On my way there, I saw the bus station, and thought, wait a second, THIS IS A BUS STATION!  So I looked around for some info on how to get home, and found that the 小7 which had taken me there would take me right back as well.. and that it stopped right in front of where I was standing… and that it had just arrived.  I checked with the driver, and he confirmed that yes, it would take me back!

It’s my last Saturday in Taipei; the lasts have begun.  I’ve started to feel tourist remorse for all those long stretches of time that I put off exploring, so I’m forcing myself to go to the Ningxia Night Market tonight.  The post on My Kafkaesque Life is probably the definitive one, but if there’s an interesting photo to take, I’ll snap it.

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