Things I learned today

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Here’s what I learned today, lest I forget.

You can say the English word “nice” when you’re speaking Chinese.  Just make sure you say it in fourth tone:  nìce. 你現在的女朋友沒有你以前的那麼 nice.  Your current girlfriend is not as nice as your ex.

Mix Coffee and Tea is closed on Mondays.  Tragic.

If you go into a restaurant with no English or picture menu and you ask for a deep-fried boneless chicken thigh with rice, vegetables, and soup on the side, they can probably accommodate you for less than $3 USD.

If you look hard enough, you can find an online map of free wifi hotspots of Taipei.

If you walk around in your neighborhood a little, you might find My Warm Day, a coffee shop (in the New York sense) that has free wifi.

You know what’s funny?  Skritter thinks I know 900 characters.  My working knowledge is far less than that, but it’s nice that someone has faith in me.

Lots of good vocab below from my lesson today, plus some words I learned on the way.

  1.  zhuānmén: specialized
  2. 恐怖份子 kǒngbù fènzi: terrorist
  3. 暴力 bàolì: violence; (use) force
  4. 恐怖主義 kǒngbùzhǔyì: terrorism
  5. 金子 jīnzi: gold
  6. 壽司 shòusī: sushi
  7. 不二價 bú’èrjià: fixed price
  8. 翻譯 fānyì: translate; translation; interpret
  9. 間隙 jiànxì: interval; gap; clearance
  10. 倚靠 yǐkào: lean on; rely on; depend on
  11. 即將 jíjiāng: will shortly; soon; be on the verge of
  12. 抵達 dǐdá: arrive; to reach (a destination); touch down
  13. 民間故事 mínjiāngùshi: folktale
  14. 網路 wǎnglù: (Taiwan) network (computer, telecom); the Internet
  15. 油水 yóushuǐ: oily; profit, greasy (as in slimebally)
  16. 出產 chūchǎn: output
  17. 客套話 kètàohuà: polite expressions; civilities; social decorum; you’re just being polite
  18. 烘焙 hōngbèi: cure (tobacco, etc.); dry over a fire
  19. 木頭 mùtou: wood; log; timber
  20. 製品 zhìpǐn: products; goods
  21. 銅線 tóngxiàn: copper wire
  22. 捲 juǎn: to roll (up); to coil; (mw for tapes)
  23. 比起來 bǐqǐlái: comparing/compared to…
  24. 保全 bǎoquán: to preserve (a security guard, in Taiwan)
  25. 保安 bǎo’ān: security personnel
  26. 中央空調 zhōngyāng kōngtiáo: central air-conditioning
  27. 點子 diǎnzi: idea; spot; dot; speck; drop (of a liquid)
  28. 製 zhì: manufacture; made of a certain material
  29. 銀製 yínzhì: made of silver
  30. 鋼製 gāngzhì: made of steel; steel (bar, screw, product etc)
  31. 銅製 tóngzhì: Made of copper
  32. 塑膠 sùjiāo: plastic; synthetic resin
  33. 細緻 xìzhì: delicate; meticulous
  34. 健談 jiàntán: be a good talker; be a brilliant conversationalist; glib
  35. 親切 qīnqiè: kind; amiable; cordial
  36. 害羞 hài xiū: blush; shy
  37. 開通 kāitōng: open-minded, liberal
  38. 窗子 chuāngzi: window
  39. 第一名 dìyī míng: first place; gold medal winner, somebody’s favorite thing
  40. 落地窗 luòdìchuāng: French window; (literally) a window that touches the ground
  41. 人孔蓋 rénkǒnggài: Manhole cover
  42. 老家 lǎojiā: native place; place of origin; hometown
  43. 勞駕 láo jià: excuse me
  44. 落價 luòjià: to fall or drop in price / to go down in price
  45. 特價 tèjià: special price; bargain price
  46. 飲料 yǐnliào: beverage; drink

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