Taipei: the Final Week

I’ve had quite a “final week” in Taipei, and today is my last full day.  I made a point to hang out with the Adventure Club and do a bunch of tourist things before I go, but I’ve kept today simple:  catch up on blogging, try a new café.  I will start packing tonight.

Tomorrow there will be some morning laundry, a trip to Yummy Mountain, cleaning, and a leisurely trip to the airport.

I’m a little alarmed by how far behind I am on blogging.  I have had an outstanding time in Taipei, and lately every day has been an adventure.  When I have a few extra minutes, I’ll try to get to these stories:

  • Raohe Night Market:  the bus lady, tamago, baked pork burgers, small dumpling lady,  a grouchy cab ride.
  • Confucius Temple:  buying books, lunch at Mix, where is the temple?, the space monk and the history puppets, the temple’s night market, hanging out at seven, my new chop, Frankie’s pie bar,
  • National museum, environment, domes, eco train… tonkatsu
  • Maokong Gondola, teahouse, bus ride down
  • Longshan Temple market:  snake street, chopstick lesson

I’m going to go find lunch; later this afternoon i’ll be in a more chill cafe and be able to write about these things.

  1. 回收 huíshōu: recycle; recover and put back to use
  2. 畫質 huàzhì: image quailty
  3. 筆友 bǐyǒu: pen pal
  4. 一封信 yìfēngxìn: a letter
  5. 回信 huí xìn: to reply (to a letter); write back
  6. 要求 yāoqiú: to request; to demand; requirement
  7. 搞 gǎo: do; make; be engaged in
  8. 難搞 nángǎo: Pain in the ass, being a pain in the ass
  9. 搞定 gǎodìng: to fix; to settle
  10. 原因 yuányīn: cause; reason
  11. 糾正 jiūzhèng: to correct; to make right
  12. 出國 chūguó: go abroad
  13. 開發 kāifā: develop; to exploit (a resource)
  14. 賣場 màichǎng: mall; market
  15. 搶劫 qiǎngjié: rob; looting
  16. 叫賣 jiàomài: hock, peddle (goods); huckster
  17. 地下街 dìxiàjiē: Underground mall, metro mall
  18. 部首 bùshǒu: radical (by which characters are ordered in dictionaries)
  19. 燒香 shāoxiāng: burn incense before an idol or a buddha
  20. 祭祖 jìzǔ: offer sacrifices to one’s ancestors
  21. 黑豹 hēibào: panther
  22. 哈士奇 hāshìqí: husky (the arctic working dog)
  23. 完美 wánměi: perfect

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