So now what?

So I’m glad to be back in Seattle and all…

  • I’m cold… wearing a t-shirt, a button-up, and a hoody.
  • America is expensive.  Does it have to be so expensive?
  • Yesterday was eventful:  I straightened out my frequent flyer miles in person, passed a motorcycle accident scene, and my laptop died.  If this had happened in Taipei, I’d be blogging the crap out of it.  Here in Seattle, I’m kind of bored of it.
  • Today:  go to the gym, pull some weeds, clean up around here.  Now:  read some Chinese over some coffee and a blueberrry muffin.
  1. 醬油 jiàngyóu: soy sauce
  2. 辣汁 làzhī: hot sauce; chili sauce
  3. 黑胡椒 hēi hújiāo: black pepper
  4. 辣椒醬 làjiāo jiàng: hot sauce; chili sauce
  5. 打醬油 dǎjiàngyóu: (colloquial) it’s none of my business (I’m just here to buy soy sauce)
  6. 青椒牛柳 qīngjiāoniúliǔ: beef with green peppers

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