Taipei Habits Continue

After this post, there’s vocab, and after that there’s a gallery of some boring photos I’ve been taking here in Seattle.

New Seattle Habits

  • lap swim
  • reading Chinese every day (rather than speaking, unfortunately)

Taipei Habits That I’m Continuing:  

  • going out for coffee every day
  • blogging every day (even though I’m getting bored of it)
  • not really watching tv
  • not taking the garbage or recycling out (to be fair, there’s a strike in Seattle)
  • multiple showers per day (due to heat in Taipei; due to swimming in Seattle)

Today my photo challenge is to take really boring photos.  I know my photos below are boring but I’m going to really try to push the envelope today.

  1. 合成 héchéng: compound; synthesis; mixture
  2. 靜 jìng: still; calm; quiet
  3. 形容 xíngróng: describe; appearance; look
  4. 淨水 jìngshuǐ: clean water / purified water
  5. 利用 lìyòng: to use; to make use of; to exploit
  6. 造 zào: make; create; to build; invent
  7. 意義 yìyì: meaning; significance
  8. 陸續 lùxù: in turn; successively; one after another
  9. 剛剛 gānggāng: just recently; just a moment ago; just now
  10. 寫 xiě: to write; to compose
  11. 旁 páng: beside; side
  12. 加上 jiāshàng: moreover; in addition to; plus
  13. 其他 qítā: other; else
  14. 露出 lòuchū: emerge; bare; uncover; show
  15. 表情 biǎoqíng: (facial) expression; express one’s feelings
  16. 這麼 zhème: so (much); such; this way; like this
  17. 並不 bìngbù: not at all; by no means
  18. 精神 jīngshen: vigor; spirit; mind
  19. 本來 běnlái: originally; at first
  20. 去掉 qùdiào: to get rid of
  21. 精米 jīngmǐ: refined rice
  22. 停頓 tíngdùn: pause; halt
  23. 事物 shìwù: thing; object
  24. 眼珠 yǎnzhū: eyeball
  25. 不但 búdàn: not only
  26. 創造 chuàngzào: create; bring about; creativity
  27. 贊美 zànměi: admire; applause; to praise
  28. 產生 chǎnshēng: to produce; emerge; to cause
  29. 靖 jìng: quiet; peaceful; pacify
  30. 便是 biànshì: (something) is exactly as stated; even if
  31. 新奇 xīnqí: novelty; new and odd
  32. 好事 hàoshì: meddlesome
  33. 性情 xìngqíng: nature; temperament
  34. 溫馴 wēnxùn: docile; meek; harmless; moderate and obedient; tame

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