Another Lovely Day in Seattle

The gallery below has some spectacular pictures of I took in Seattle in the last couple days.

Here’s how my day today went:

  • got up at 6, made myself some fried rice, did laundry
  • yanked the morning glory.  that’s right, I pulled some weeds.  what?
  • lunch at Ben Thanh Vietnamese restaurant; I had bun, the cold noodle salad with grilled pork, meatballs, grilled prawns, shrimp on a sugar cane.
  • went swimming, soaked in the Jacuzzi for the first time in my life–as a kid it was always too hot for me.
  • iced americano at Pioneer Roasting Company on Alki Beach
  • worked out at my gym.  that’s right.
  • filled the gas tank
  • rode the new Seattle Great Wheel with cowsin M.  didn’t wait in line for tickets; jumped ahead of a bunch of people to get in a gondola.  ran into my sister back on the ground
  • delicious taiwanese hotpot at Gourmet Noodle Bowl (the Chinese name is 津津鍋).

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