News comes in Threes

The King is Perfect

So if you don’t already know this, you probably don’t care, but Félix Hernández pitched a perfect game today, the first Mariner ever to do so, and at home at the Safe to boot.  So, future self, when they ask you where you were on this historic day, you can say you were at All City Coffee, you heard the news first on facebook, and then you watched ESPN at Banana’s Cafe while eating a falafel plate.

Blue Scholar’s Slick Watts

If you wonder why brown people (and our white friends) are so obsessed with a) Seattle, b) food, c) diversity, and d) local hiphop, this video will explain everything to you.

See, it’s not just me.

By the way, I was trying not to watch this video today for some reason, but when I finally gave in, I was at the place you see at time index 3:05.  I watched it 4 times in a row, and I realized there was not a single place in the video I couldn’t recognize by sight.

Not the Silver Fork!

So I found out today that Safeway down the street is evicting the Silver Fork.  Here’s the article, it includes links to send your comment both to the city and Safeway corporate.  I would rather they not put a bright, jail-looking gas station around the block from my house, but my letter (below) asks for a compromise.  I’m sure all the other letters they are receiving will be much harsher, so I’m taking the softer approach.

If they bulldoze anything, it should be the Taco Bell.  There is now a taco bus across the street, and a taco trailer a couple blocks down; the Taco Bell is a culinary blight.

Here’s my letter:

Dear Ms. Osborne,
I am a lifelong Safeway customer and a neighbor of both the Safeway in Rainier Court (98144) and the Silver Fork Restaurant.  I get my gas exclusively at Safeway gas stations, either at Othello 98118 or in West Seattle.
I am horrified to learn that the Silver Fork will be forced out of the Safeway parking lot, and that it will be replaced by Safeway gas.  The Silver Fork is an institution in this neighborhood; it’s where well-dressed African Americans go after church on Sundays; it’s where you can go to get eggs over easy, grits, and toast with jam, and listen to Motown.  It’s the kind of place where the waitress calls you honey.  Local athletes post their autographed pictures on the wall.  It’s a place that feels really, really good.  They are part of our neighborhood, and there is no place like it anywhere in the city.
The increased car traffic from the discount Safeway gas will be annoying (I live one block away) but I will be willing to bear that change if you’ll only find a way to keep the Silver Fork here.  Please find a solution to honor this neighborhood.  It would be so much better for this neighborhood if you went after Taco Bell instead, or if your new construction included a new spot for the Silver Fork.
I don’t expect a response from you, but if you do send me a response, please don’t send me a patronizing letter about how you have no other choice and how you’ve exhausted all the options, we all know that nobody will ever believe that.  It seems that you hold all the cards, and as a lifelong Safeway customer I’d just as soon your PR not insult my intelligence.
Thank you for your consideration.   JP Villanueva | Seattle

2 thoughts on “News comes in Threes

  1. Your letter is way too nice!! And your letter does not sound as if you would stop buying at your Safeway if the Silver Fork is demolished, and if the service and quality at the Rainier Valley Safeway is not the same as it is in Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, or, in may case, Mill Creek. I know what a nice person you are, but I also know what a principled person you are, and that isn’t coming through to me in your letter. I was not as nice in my letter as you are in yours, but I am willing to boycott all Safeway stores, and products until the Silver Fork is safe, and your Safeway is the equal of the Safeway stores in Bellevue, Redmond, …. Maybe it is time to get a boycott going-that can get to a large business concern such as Safeway. Offering carrots is nice, but showing and putting into effect a boycott can be powerful. Huelga anyone? Oh, and Hasta la Victoria siempre


    • Thanks Lucy; it’s not clear to me that we can organize an effective boycott and make it stick by September; so they’re holding all the cards. The point of my letter was to show them what terrible terrible PR this is for them. Also, I’m kind of daring them to send me the patronizing form letter. 😉


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