Summer 2013 Brainstorm

School has started again.

I taught my first day yesterday, it should be ok.  I’m teaching two new classes; that should be fine, I’m not worried about it.  What was funny was how tired I was after teaching for a few hours.  It wasn’t just me, either, other teachers were exhausted.

Anyway, it’s time now to think about what I’m going to do with myself next summer.  Here are some options:

  • Taiwan 2.0  I could certainly stand to continue my Mandarin studies.  Taipei was a great experience, but I think if I do it again next summer I would go somewhere else on the island.
  • Latin American Adventure  I’m not that interested in being one of those backpakers, but I do want to see more of the Spanish-speaking world.  It’s ironic; I’m a professional Spanish teacher, and Spanish is definitely the language I’m most dominant in after English, but Spanish is by far the one language I’ve spent the least time in a country where it is spoken… unless, of course, you count los Estados Unidos de América.
  • New Language:  Brazilian Portuguese  Why the heck not?  I’d love to go to Brazil and do music…
  • Certificate Program  This is probably the least exotic option, but it would move me up on the pay scale, and if I did something like this I’d have a new magic paper to add to my bag of tricks.
  • Just Visiting  I’ve got friends to visit all over the world.  A trip to Australia might be in order; I can always stand to spend more time in the Philippines.  I have family in London, and a good friend in Kenya. This option won’t do anything for my career, but might be good for my soul.  Ooh, I’ve never been to Montreal.
  • US Tour  I was lucky enough to catch Kyle Castellani at an open mic at the Sea Monster.  He’s a great performer and I really like his songwriting… but what really struck me was that he was on an open mic tour of the US…. with no set plan.  He said he was just following an app, that told him where the next open mic is.  That might be the best thing I ever heard of.  I’ve got a ukulele, a car, and and a two month summer vacation… I could do that, right?
  • Stay Home/Get Fat(ter) Maybe I could just stay home  in Seattle for once, save my money, work on my website, pretend I’m retired…

So what do you think?  Which option should I pick?  Do you have a better idea?

PS. If you vote “other” please explain in the comments!

One thought on “Summer 2013 Brainstorm

  1. Yessssss: I’m the first to choose “Certificate Program”. And I’m serious: you never know what you learn in such courses and neither do the teachers of those courses. Also, you could probably combine it with some work on web-based projects.


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