These things happened in my classes.

Today at work there was a lockdown, due to the armed robbery downtown.  We sat quietly in the dark, and word came minutes later that the suspect had been apprehended.

During Chinese class, a boy registered his disgust for the ㄅㄆㄇㄈ requirement by doing writing his quiz in scribbly black ink.  I will have the displeasure of grading that quiz later today.

Later, a different boy, dressed in a shirt and tie, offered a very formal apology for his poor performance on a vocabulary quiz.

In my third class of the day, the class promised not to speak English as long as i didn’t play Nickelback. Later, walking around to supervise pair work, I discovered a kid with only one shoe on, the other shoe was across the room.

3 thoughts on “These things happened in my classes.

  1. Lockdowns suck. We had one a couple of years ago and I was stuck for an hour and a half with a room full of 7th graders who were freaked out and could NOT stay quiet.


  2. Nickelback, so is that how you motivate your students? Isn’t there a line in the Geneva Convention against unwillful Nickelback exposure?


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