Home Sick Today

Last week, as early as Tuesday I started to feel some stiffness on my left side, just a kink that probably could have been massaged out.  By Saturday it hurt to turn my head to the left, so I imposed a moratorium on driving.  Yesterday, Sunday, my sister took me to Urgent Care, and that car ride was one of the worst in my life; by that time I couldn’t turn my head in either direction and every bump in the road was painful.

At Urgent Care they gave me a shot in the arm and sent me home with pain pills which don’t seem to help, some muscle relaxants, which don’t seem to help, and a sheet of paper full of some exercises I could try, which is haha so funny.  The shot in the arm took the pain away for the day, but by night time the effects had faded; last night was the worst.

I did manage to get to sleep once.  I dreamt that we were having a faculty retreat in Olympia, and I was down there early to see the site.  I got in a cab to go to the retreat sight, but had forgotten where it was, so I called Brian on my cell phone, who told me the retreat was at Muse (a club in Shanghai?), but not for hours still.  I pretended I knew all along that it wasn’t starting for hours, but that I wanted to get down their early.  The cabbie took me as far as Tumwater Safeway; for some reason I got out of the cab, and the cabbie took off without me, without me having paid the fare.  So I walked around, looked for the old Pot Pourri Deli (they had great sandwiches).  I saw Auntie R and Uncle E driving around in their golf cart.  Uncle E yelled at me for not asking for a ride.  There was no room in the golf cart, so Auntie R said she’d come back for me.

What else can I tell you about?  There was chicken pho; that sure was delicious…


My sister came over, she cleaned my kitchen while I rested my neck!

We watched Mexican Wizard of Oz, Huevitos en espacio, and Latin Liver from This American Life.

… which reminds me; I was listening to This American Life this weekend, after eating that bowl of chicken pho above.  I loved this story called Soul Sister, by Sonari Glinton, about his grade school principal Sister Rosemary, who turned Jesus Christ from white to “just like you, children.”

So anyway, I’m home today; took a sick day.  I don’t need to be in a classroom with all this neck pain and muscle relaxant coursing through my veins.  The weather is spectacular, but I’ll enjoy it from home, since I’m not driving.  I’ll get a chance to grade those Spanish III quizzes I didn’t get to yesterday, when my neck was throbbing in pain.  I think I’ll make coffee.


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