Good to know!

I talked to my friend Davidico for about five minutes, and learned a bunch of vocab!

  • 老样子 “same ol’ same ol’.”
  • “Grading papers” is 批改, though non-Americans will say “marking papers.”
  • “To vote” is 投票。
  • The word “binders” as in “binders full of women” is “活页夹.”
  • “雇佣“ to hire.
  • Tacky,” is 俗气.

In other news…

Today was the last day of the Columbia City Farmer’s Market until next spring.  I went and bought the last box of local kiwi fruit.  Here’s what they look like:  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They’re really small compared to supermarket kiwi, but they taste way better.

Also, this is probably my favorite thing to come out of the debate last night, because it was a crazy-people crazy pivot.  Or wait, maybe this was my favorite thing.  Ok, this was funny too.

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