Fall 2012

This fall has been fun; Thursday Thunders, birthday parties, etc.  The photo above is me, JP, with la J and la P, trying to take a J.P. (i.e., “Jealousy Photo”) to send to la A, because we miss her.

I cast my vote today; all the votes you probably expect me to vote, plus one Republican surprise.  Today was the day that President Obama pivoted from “convince the undecideds” to “sway the superficial with coolness,” so you know we’re getting into the final days of the campaign.  As for the social issues, this video had an interesting twist.

Today when I got to work I didn’t make coffee like I usually do; I didn’t even get around to cleaning the coffee pot until late in the day.  I had intended to stay at work and get a bunch of grading done, but when I started falling asleep, I got in my car and started driving towards some caffeine.

Thankfully I made it to All City Coffee, where it was full of customers but dead quiet, there wasn’t even music playing.  I ordered my macchiato and when it was ready I sat down and took a sip.  As soon as I did, an Al Green song came on, which really made the day a whole lot better.

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