Blister Blister

stinging blisters on my thumb

stinging blisters on my thumb

It’s Thursday night.  Tomorrow is a work day, but I’m taking it off.

On Monday I was exhausted; low energy, sitting at my desk in my office and wanting to put my head down and sleep.  When I got home, I went right to sleep for a couple of hours.  I got up in the evening, ate a bowl of chicken pho, graded papers, and then went to bed at the normal time.

I woke up on Tuesday feeling great; well rested and a little euphoric.  It was a great day.

Wednesday morning I woke up early, feeling pretty good.  Over the course of the day,  I started feeling blisters form on the sides of my fingers and the palms of my hands.  I also noticed that my throat really hurt when I had a bite of pomegranate.  By the time I got home, I was seeing new blisters form on my hands.

So I called the consulting nurse.  I told her about the exhaustion, the blisters, the pomegranate… and she said, yup, it’s classic Coxsackie virus, commonly known as Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.  People usually catch it as little kids.  It’s a virus, it will run its course in seven days.  Veterans of this virus have resistance to future infections.

She also said I could go to work if I felt ok, I was most contagious on Monday when I was exhausted.

I went to work today, it was annoying.  Blisters had formed on the bottoms of my feet, so I was walking slowly and carefully, every step stung.  Other than that I was feeling great, but the stinging steps were enough to make me want to ask for the day off tomorrow.

The nurse asked me if I had been in contact with little kids, and I said, well yah, at Thanksgiving; I got to hang out with my sweet niece and nephew.  But they seemed healthy, and their mom confirmed yesterday that they weren’t sick.  So the source of my Coxsackie virus blues is still a mystery.

me and my niece!  note to self, get a photo with my nephew next time too!

me and my niece! note to self, get a photo with my nephew next time too!

That’s it.  That’s the story of this week.  I’m going to order food for delivery if walking is too hard for walking to the grocery store.  It was really bumming me out today.

On the other hand, I will be able to spend all day tomorrow doing my new iPad-based Chinese study activity:  reading e-books of short stories in Mandarin that are graded; i.e., at my reading level.  I started reading one a couple weeks ago and I realized I could understand without much trouble; ever since, I’ve been reading every day for pleasure.  I can already feel my vocabulary increasing across the board.

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