Coming Soon…

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Some posts I’m going to write soon…

  • Language Learning:  Let go of translation; it’s a different skill.
  • Language Teaching:  Sample sentences; rules and sins.
  • Cooking:  I’m post-sauce.
  • Tech:  the iPad changed my life again.
  • Music:  my music goals for 2013
  • Language Learning:  confusion vs. disbelief… they’re different.
  • Personal:  My Billionaire Goals
  • Language Learning:  How to hit it hard (it’s not what you think).
  • Language Learning:  Swearing like a champ.
  • Language Learning:  The trouble with native speakers… or… How to be an ally/helpful native speaker
  • Language Learning:  The dark side of language learning.
  • Language Learning:  Terrible Strategies that Don’t Help.
  • Tech:  10 Commandments of Podcasting
  • Language Teachign:  Standardized Testing is The Devil

Any requests?  What do you want to see?

4 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. Hi JP,
    Could you please talk about the best techniques to learn a language. please?
    BTW, I love your picture from Antigua, Guatemala. The cathedral with the volcano agua view in the background is amazing!


  2. I vote for your blurb on the iPad, mainly ’cause I want to buy one and supporting documentation will help the approval process with my wife er um I mean Head of Finance. “Swearing like a champ” was a close second tho.


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