San Francisco Adventure 2013

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I took an evening flight to SFO on Virgin America, which is working hard to be the cool airline. When I landed around 9:20, I took the BART to Colma Station, where cowsin C picked me up. I was hungry, so he took me to In-n-Out, where I had a double double animal style. I ordered it from memory, not really sure what it means. I was surprised that the place was packed. We hung out for an hour or so, just talking; cowsin to cowsin.

The next day was Easter Sunday. We men lit a bbq, while Auntie R started cooking. There was BBQ chicken, pork ribs, pot roast, and a pansit. Later cowsins F and D showed up with nephew E. That little boy loves eating with lola, and he loves him some coconut juice.

J and I had coffee at Java Beach in the Sunset, and he taught me how to shoot a bow and arrow at the archery field in Golden Gate Park.

I BARTed into town to meet Aussie C that evening; we ended up at a Thai restaurant and just caught up for a while.

This morning, Auntie R made some longsilog. Then I BARTed in again to spend the day with Aussie C, who I might start calling “Ms. X-ing.” We met at the Little Griddle on Market and Fell. Later we bused up Market and then walked to Chinatown. We kept walking through North Beach hand some coffee and a pastry, and walked to Lombard Street to ponder some crookedness. We made it all the way down to almost Fisherman’s Wharf before we decided to turn back and have lunch at the Stinking Rose, an Italian restaurant that serves bread with chimichurri. We had gnochetti and fettuccine.

After that we walked back down the Corso Cristoforo Colombo all the way to Ghirardelli square, and when that was all sorted, we sat at the beach with the stadium seats for a while, watching the bulldozers, the fog, and the dog chasing the birds. Then there was a short walk to Pier 39, for a Coke Zero. It was there that we worked out that we wouldn’t be able to meet Mr. C.

We took the 47 bus down Van Ness to Sutter, and then walked to the cathedral, which was LOCKED. The PRC Consulate next door was also shut. Then we walked around Japan town and settled on some sushi at Kappo, which was fine in all respects except for some reason the one roll we ordered was sliced all unevenly, with fat pieces and skinny pieces. Embarrassing.

We walked back down to Market and then I BARTed back to Daly City early; big drive tomorrow, gotta be rested.

I’m certainly learning a lot of new Aussie terms; I should be writing them down. I’ll start tomorrow.








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