Spring Break 2013 (Part Deux)

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Just a few bullets:

  • Left SFO at 10 am. Drove I-5 North to Seattle, arrived at 1:30 am.  
  • If you stop at Umsted’s Smokehouse, order anything but the brisket, which was a greasy shredded mess. Horrifying. On a positive note, the fried mushrooms were good.
  • We blew through Portland like it was our job.
  • Went to the SAM with Aussie C (Miss X-ing), rode on the Great Wheel, ate at the Salmon Cooker, took a stroll through the Market.
  • She also saw the EMP and the Chihuly  Fun Forest, and reported enjoying both.
  • Had a little dinner party with Don D, ate oysters, cheese, and fruit.
  • Saw the Michael Owcharuck Trio at Vito’s.  Jacques Willis and Nate Omdal were sitting in.
  • Went to the Ballard Locks.  A seagull totally shat in my hair and on my hoodie, which made me pout.  The men’s room doesn’t have any paper towels, so I had to make do with toilet shields.  They do have sharps disposal containers, interestingly enough.
  • There was also Pho Bac, Hing Loon, and Regent Bakery.
  • My summer plans are set; I’ve paid my tuition and have found a place to stay.

Bonus image:  Magnetic putty “eating” a rare earth metal.

magnetic putty rare earth metal

bonus image: magnetic putty vs. rare earth metal

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