Recipe: Chiles rellenos

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First, cut the tops off of four poblano chiles, and pull out the seed pods.  You can rinse them with water if you want.

Then, roast the chiles until the skins are black. I put them directly on top of my stove, right in the flame.  They sizzle and pop.  Turn occasionally to blacken all the way around.  Wrap  the blackened chiles in a clean bandana and then seal them (bandana and all) in a plastic bag… a gallon-sized ziplock freezerbag works just fine.  Seal them up good and then set them aside.

Later… ten minutes later?  Four hours later?  Whatever… take the chiles out, and pull off the blackened skins.  Be careful not to break open the peppers, don’t be too rough with them.  Put a slice of cotija cheese inside each of the peppers.  You can use or queso fresco or queso oaxaqueño or whatever you want.  Dust the stuffed peppers with some flour and set them aside.

Separate three eggs and beat the whites. When you get to stiff peaks, beat the yolks together, and then fold them into your stiff peaks carefully.  The idea is to work fast and gentle, so the eggs stay as fluffy as possible.

Drench the flour-coated, cheese-stuffed poblanos in the fluffy eggs and then drop them gently into some hot oil in your non-stick egg pan.  Brown them on both sides.

Serve with a simple tomato sauce.  Mine is a puree of stewed tomatoes, sweet onions, and a little bit of chicken stock to loosen it up.  Salt, oregano, a little powdered chili…

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