Sunday Morning Coffee

So I found the Carmel Valley Coffee Roasting Company a little over a half mile from my summer sublet. There is a mild stench of that chemical vanilla flavoring, but that’s all the sneering that I’ll do today.

So my coffee order is very low on the needy scale: a tall americano for here with no room. My Californian baristas were slightly shocked by three parts of that order:

  • tall. “you… mean like… the large one?” As a linguist I know that I’m supposed to not be surprised by regional variation but I wasn’t expecting to have crossed out of the realm of “tall/short” espresso drinks.
  • for here. She repeated the words “for here,” but still I had to convince the cashier a couple of times that I wanted the ceramic mug rather than the cardboard tanker.
  • no room. Both the cashier and the barista checked with me to make sure. I wonder if people ask for the manager if they don’t leave enough room.

They are accustomed to way needier orders than mine, but I doubt they hear orders like mine a lot.

I haven’t found much else in terms of coffee around here yet. I’m annoyed at myself for leaving my coffee gear at home in Seattle. I had set it out and everything.

Goals for today: buy some rice, do some laundry, walk around. It’s kind of cold here.

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