Yellow Cow

Today’s vocab list is below.

The first day of class was… really good!  I usually hate my classmates/the teachers/the classroom/the method/the curriculum/the weekly schedule, but it turns out I like all of those things, excluding the weekly schedule, which wastes one day each week on a test.  My classmates are cool, and my teachers are cool too… both from Taiwan.

After class, a classmate and I tried to print out tomorrow’s text, and we went to all the printers on campus, only to find that each one was out of service.  After we had found the last available printer, the IT department issued a warning that the whole system would be down for two hours.  Annoying.

And then I went to my tutoring session, and the tutor never showed.  I emailed one of the tutors and said that I was being stood up 你放我的鸽子吗?(lit. “are you placing my pigeon?”)  She wrote back and said she was calling my tutor, she’d be there soon… I waited a little bit longer and then got another mail saying that my original email had sounded very scary.

I walked after 15 minutes, and as soon as I did, the missing tutor started calling, texting, and emailing me.  Did I look hard enough?  Did I go to the wrong location?  I haven’t responded at all; I just rescheduled with the different tutor.  I don’t have time for some yellow cow shit.  (In Chinese a “yellow cow” is someone who is flaky/unreliable/breaks promises).

Later, had veggie pizza with my new roommate.

  1. 目标
  2. 单宁
  3. 无论
  4. 甚至
  5. 谈变矮
  6. 饭桌
  7. 结果
  8. 简直
  9. 一方面
  10. 固然
  11. 提供
  12. 居然
  13. 类似
  14. 情况
  15. 发生
  16. 不但
  17. 联系
  18. 显然
  19. 随着
  20. 增加

4 thoughts on “Yellow Cow

  1. Is your teacher a certain Dai Laoshi (Enya Dai) from Taiwan? If so, she is awesome and be sure to say hi to her from me! Also, your email might have been scary cause you didn’t use the right gezi (should be 鴿子\ 鸽子) unless that was a typo. Either way, sounds like a fun class (minus the testing) and I hope you learn lots!



    • Hi Jake, I haven’t met a Dai Laoshi yet, but if I do, I shall drop your name like a moviestar.

      My email was meant to be terrifying, but alas, I did use the correct 鸽子 in the email. It’s wrong up in the post above… I’ll edit it in a second… but this brings up another point; I somehow lost the ability to embiggen the font in my editing screen; the same year I turned 40. I’m not sure how but my eyes got a memo that after 40, focus is optional.

      Thanks Jake… I can’t believe you read this blog!


    • Hi Corey, I’m in the advanced class. It’s only the 2nd day, but I like it… and I’ve been to seven summer language intensive, and I’m not easy to please anymore. I’ll blog about it later this summer, but feel free to write if you have specific questions about the program. Thanks for reading!


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