It’s gotta mean something.

I have to read my text and prepare for a vocab quiz tomorrow morning, so this will be a short one.

The only heresy I really insist upon is that when a wild animal crosses my path, I like to think about what that animal is meant to tell me or show me. Because God sends animals to tell me stuff. I would hate to have to renounce this heresy, either to the Inquisition nor to the Athiest Collective; it’s so entertaining. Wild animals don’t just randomly and meaninglessly wander into my life. It’as gotta mean something.

So today as I was eating my stewed beef with veggies over rice, a bird flew into the cafeteria; hit a window, and then landed on on a hanging lighting fixture. It squawked a few times and then fell silent. Occasionally other students came in, noticed it, and freaked out for a second about a bird inside the building. Then it shat inside the lighting fixture.

So what was it telling me? The image is of being trapped in a place that’s highly unnatural to me. The door I came in through is wide open, but I can’t see it. Quit squawking, no one is coming to help me. Might as well shit in the lamp fixture.

I left to go to class, and then came back two and a half hours later to hear squawking. This time, the squawking was coming from under a table that I like to sit at. The bird was hiding there; I think it was terrified to walk/fly the few dozen feet to the tall double doors it flew in through, wide open. I thought about clearing the tables and chairs that stood between the bird and the door.

So that was my animal sighting for the day.

That, and a handful of harbor seals that were napping on the rocks as I went by on my evening walk. They are pretty well camouflaged; they are the same coloration as the rocks, and the only way I can tell them from the rocks is their shape. While they are napping, they are like rock-colored, banana-slug shapes on the tops of rocks. Occasionally they wiggle, and you know they’re not a rock.

Besides the lost bird, and the wiggly harbor seals were a dozen or so dolphins, surfacing and often jumping in the open water of Monterey Bay. The man who pointed them out to me said “there must be hundreds of them” but I would only say four or five dozen.

So besides the lost bird, just some wiggly harbor seals, and jumping dolphins. Oh, and tide pools full of darting fish and hermit crabs, occupying black snail shells.

Besides that, no other animals. I suppose that there was that baby dear in the road that I almost hit the other day as well, but that is the absolute extent of the animal contact that I’ve had this week.

It’s gotta mean something. Ok, back to Chinese.



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