Weekend in Vegas

So yes, I’m still in my program in Monterey, but I came to Vegas for the long Independence Day weekend.

There was a big BART strike that stopped all the trains in San Francisco, so rather than airport parking at Milbrae BART station, I left my car with Cowsin J in Daly City, and got to spend some quality time with him… we had dimsum and then Daiso. Ah yah.

I took Virgin America to LAS; the pilot introduced himself and the copilot as Jason and Kyle, which is a little bro-tastic for my tastes. Are they a cockpit crew, or a band? In any case, I was back in Vegas soon enough. Happily for me, Virgin and Alaska flights now land in McCarren Terminal 3.

So since arriving in Vegas…

  • Saw “The Lone Ranger”
  • Played bingo at Santa Fe, won a little money
  • Saw “Monster’s University”
  • Made just-fruit sorbet out of a crazy sweet melon
  • Ate a pampano sinigang, with brown rice that smells like sweet corn
  • Had dimsum at Cathay
  • Bought 麻辣 peanuts at Chinatown Plaza
  • Ate Korean Food at the Tofu Hut

… and it’s only been three sleeps! Today mama harvested her kamote (sweet potato) greens, and we ate that with some diced tomatoes and brown rice that smells like corn.

There are folks in Vegas that are here for the long weekend, folks I know and said I’d connect with; a friend from college and a cowsin from Seattle. I don’t hold too tight to promises to meet up in Vegas; when people come and stay on the Strip I let them have their Vegas time, and it’s not a big deal if they don’t call.

Back to school on Monday, after a late evening flight into SFO and a twilight drive back to Monterey.

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