I rate the Chinese class articles

I was hoping to blog way, way more this summer, but I find myself both slammed with homework and extremely boring.  I’ve taken a lot of pictures of scenery, but mostly scenery pictures remind me that I haven’t made a lot of friends here.

Anyway, below are the titles I’ve given the class readings we’ve done in Chinese grammar class. The entire class is dedicated to explaining these readings to us; in other words, this class is EXTREMELY article-centric; whatever grammar/vocab/culture is in the article, that’s what we’re responsible for learning.  It sucks.

But regardless, there is a big test tomorrow, and I should study for it.  But before I go, I shall rate the class articles.

Sending email vs. writing letters.  (5 thumbs down).  Hello?  Yes, 1997 called, it wants it’s topic back.  Wait, no it doesn’t; it was boring then also.  Angry yawns.

Beijingers are always on the phone.  (5 thumbs down).  Don’t care. Sarcastic checks of the wristwatch.

Summer break:  Study or work?  (7 thumbs down).  I wonder how many kids have to be checked into mental hospitals every year because of this NON ISSUE.  False dichotomy!

Child Beggars I (6.5 thumbs down).  First 10 seconds of discussion, “the problem is not that children are begging; the problem is that adults are forcing them to beg.”  Remaining 3 hours of class:  crickets.  head bobs + sleepy drool.

Child Beggars II  (7 thumbs down) Bang head against whiteboard. We’ve. Been. Over. This.

Old Men, Young Brides (OMYB).   Aka, “stick a fresh blossom on some cow poop”  (8 thumbs down)  Don’t care.  Scraping plaque off teeth and examining it on my fingernail is more interesting to me than this topic.

The recent rise of OMYB (8.5 thumbs down).  Possible economic causes of a phenomenon that I… still don’t care about.  Angry eye rolls

Lonely Children (10 thumbs down ).  That was so boring. Digging fingernails into own flesh to stay awake

“You’ve gained weight!” is no longer a compliment.  (2 thumbs up)  Oh, wow, we’re actually… comparing cultural topics?

Should kids pay their classmates to tutor them?  (7 thumbs down)  The answer is “no.”  Next issue please.  What, 4 more hours of this?  whimper.  What if I got up and walked out.

“I’ll treat you to Zheijang food!”  (4 thumbs up) Hey actually interesting!

Dinner Party Courtesy Lies (5 thumbs up) Hey, this is about language that we’re supposed to use!

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