You. Gotta be. Kidding Me.

This is a post about a massage.

Before I start with that, my teacher from Monterey is visiting. There’s been Columbia City Bakery, Henry’s Taiwan, Westlake Plaza, Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, Secret Waterfall Park, Zeitgeist, Underground Tour, Ferry to Bainbridge, tour of the UW, Korean food.

Yah yah yah.

So anyway, I had this massage to clear up my aching back, which I thought was really a hip problem. I called the folks at Bodygood, which is the place I go when my muscles are locking up.

Ok, so the owner’s name is Dan and he took both his hands and jammed them into my abdomen, pushing his fingers in between my internal organs and the inside muscles that that connect to my hip bone.

I was whimpering and gasping and shuddering and flinching but he managed to reach in and release the muscles that had been cramped for the last couple weeks. I feel a little bruised–there are no bruises, but I feel bruised–and those cramped inside muscles totally released. So now my hips are not sore, my lower back is not sore… nothing, it’s gone. You gotta be kidding me.

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