The Last Day

Today was my last day of summer break. I’m in no mood to do a lot of high maintenance narration right now, here’s today as I remember it.

La ridikula knocked on my door today to complain about her hoa, with her circular logic and her circular discourse. When I started getting a headache I went inside and closed the screen door; she kept talking at me through the door. I went downstairs to get away from her. She was still talking.

Finally my sister came to rescue me. We ate at Inay’s and then walked over to AdoboFest to have a look. I smuggly decided that my adobos (chicken and pork) are better than what I saw there, but I kept my damn mouth shut. Geo from the Blue Scholars encouraged my sister not to use a musical pseudonym.

We went to SLU to look at some gear, and then tried to drive back to my place. We couldn’t get off at our exit because a huge gang of bikers refused to let us over, so we had to continue to Mercer Island. Of course they wagged their finger at us and then one of them brake checked us on the bridge. It was confusing and took us a while to realize they were a) purposefully forcing us to miss our exit, and b) brake checking us to teach us a lesson. How dare us try to use the freeway to go home.

I didn’t really care much about the bikers, but I was feeling pretty down about the end of summer, and feeling broke as a joke. I felt hungry and full at the same time. My sister and I drove to Ezra Boren park and played ukulele for a while, and then drove to visit Bruce and Brandon Lee’s grave across the street.

After that we went to Zeitgeist, where I tried to read my book. I bused home when it seemed my book wasn’t working… right now all Chinese books are crashing my kindle. On the bus ride home the same motorcycle caravan from before came down Rainier, popping wheelies. People were hanging out their cars . I wonder if anyone forced them to miss the exit. Probably not.

I heard from some far away friends over email and facebook, that was nice.

Tomorrow I go in to work. I don’t mind actually working, I just wish… I just wish I could drive away and live my own self-centered life. I’m also not thrilled about getting my tire fixed tomorrow, and everything that entails.

I’ll feel better tomorrow. At least my back doesn’t hurt!

Later I walked to Ben Thanh for some lemongrass chicken and rice. The owner is my across the alley neighbor, and I was surprised to look up and see the guy from Saigon Deli there… apparently they are cousins.

2 thoughts on “The Last Day

    • Hi Corey, I had a good experience, but I think it was luck. I had good teachers, good classmates, and it mostly went off without a hitch. Next door to our classroom there were classes that seemed toxic; students motivated only to satisfy a requirement, teachers speaking English, lack of method, and that no-pain-no-gain attitude that I think is irrelevant. The school itself seems pretty 隨便; it was not a research institution, and it showed.

      I personally had a good experience for Chinese, though… lots of speaking practice. We read some pretty boring and irrelevant stuff, but the practice and explanations were valuable. Let me know if you have any specific questions, I’m happy to discuss it!


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