Thanksgiving Vocabulary in Chinese

thanksgiving slideClick the image above to see a Thanksgiving vocabulary slideshow in Chinese.

No, Thanksgiving is not culturally appropriate to Chinese.  However, it’s all I want to think about, and it’s all my students want to talk about, so we’re all having hearty conversations about pumpkin pie and the gang.

It was funny trying to get a good word for “stuffing.” My Chinese friends initially started with 填料,which is “stuffing” but it doesn’t sound like food… it’s more like styrofoam cheetos that you cram into a package to keep the contents from sliding around.  Finally, a Taiwanese American friend of mine chimed in with 填餡,after consulting with his family.

I only wanted to include the greatest hits of Thanksgiving food and activity vocabulary, to try to keep it short.  In the end I added 芝士通心粉 mac-n-cheese to the collection, because it meant a lot to the African American kids.  I decided to exclude that green bean casserole because, well, because gah.  There was enough interest to keep the Macy’s Parade but the WKC Dog Show drew the interest of a single cricket, so it didn’t make the cut.

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