Breakphost of Champions


Ok, this was my breakfast today. Behold and despair.

Not that you asked, but I’m going to point out a couple few things.

Broth. It is clear, rather than cloudy. It is hot enough to visibly cook the beef and jalapeños. The taste is beefy and complex. There are some tiny drops of fat floating on top. There also some tiny air bubbles, but not enough air bubbles to make you suspect that a blender was involved.

Herbs. This is Thai basil. There was plenty of it, but I didn’t add all of it at once, since their fragrance would cook away. Also, I ripped them into strips to maximize the fragrance spillage. Torn herbs smell herbier.

Spicy factor. I used to add a lot of the bottled sauces, but I’ve found that those bottled sauces mask the complexity of the broth. Nowadays, I add all the jalapeños and let them cook in the broth. When the broth has cooled enough to not scald me, then I add ONE squirt of lime. This way, the lime juice tastes fresh, rather than cooked. Also, there is some kind of chemical reaction between the lime and the jalapeños that suddenly makes the broth spicier. At that point, I pull out the peppers. The heat that the peppers impart is a slow burn, rather than the immediate bite of sriracha.

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