“Why Not Us?” Superbowl XLVIII

Photo by B

Photo by B

So here’s how Superbowl XLVIII went down for me in Seattle.

On Saturday I was coming back from a retreat on the Olympic Peninsula.  For the ferry ride over from Bainbridge, I spotted a sign that the vessel had been redesignated the “MV Russell Wilson.’

Sunday morning I went over to Fana’s to pick up some chicken wings for superbowl party #1.  They made me a fresh batch when I got there, so I hung out for about half an hour, chatting about the repression in North Korea and joking about the seriousness of Seahawks fans.

I spent the first half at JM’s place in the CD.  I was pretty sure we were going to win the game, and I was ready to shout victory when we got that first safety.  I love putting my palms together above my head in that safety signal; it’s gotta make the opposing team feel horrible.  Also, we had quite a laugh after Lynch’s one yard run for a touchdown in the 2nd half; JM called it a carwash.  See for yourself.

After the halftime show I went to RE’s house, where he was doing obscene cheers and making sure everybody skittled up.  At that party there were buffalo chicken sandwiches, mac and cheese soup, and salted caramel rice crispy treats.  And very tall margueritas.

I didn’t stay long after the game; I wanted to go home and plan my classes for the following day.  From my front door, I could hear cheering and car horns echoing through the valley. When I stopped for gas, I got a text from BM to pick him up and go join the celebrations downtown.

I texted him back “no way, I have to do my lesson plans for tomorrow!”  And then next thing I knew, I was on a train with BM headed downtown. We had been gifted a couple of day passes for the train by a crowd of party kids waiting by the ticket machine.

People were screaming “Seahawks” on the train and underground in the station. When we made it to the street, people were cheering and high-fiving everyone they passed.  The big crowd was at Pioneer Square at First and Yesler, and when we got there we immediately waded into the center of the crowd, right in the center of the intersection.

People filled the intersection were cheering all around us.  A few dozen guys were on top of the Pergola, and the SPD was there to close off the streets.  I turned to BM and said, “I should have brought a drum!” and then I turned around and there was a dude with a djembe under his arm.  He started leading some cheers with his drum; it was a pretty wild to be singing cheers with people in the intersection to a Middle Eastern rhythm.

We walked around watched the crowd from other spots, getting pictures of people climbing trees and stoplight posts, and random cheering and high fiving anyone and everyone.

After a while, BM said, let’s go for a walk! So we ended up on 1st Avenue South, where people were stopping cars to high five with them, dancing to some music from a boom car in a parking lot.  People were coming down the street in their cars hanging out of their windows and roofs.  The moment became perfect when some cholos in low riders came bouncing down to where we were; one guy tipped his front tire a foot off the ground, and then of course got out and popped open the hood so everyone could admire the engine.

I didn’t say out that late, and didn’t see any property damage, crowds getting out of hand, or confrontations with the SPD… violent victory riots smack of effort. News shows street celebrations in West Seattle, Ballard, Capitol Hill, the Greek System and the Ave, Westlake, Pike Place, and Pioneer Square. There’s a funny video of fans waiting on the sidewalk for the walk signal to change, and then rushing out and cheering for the Seahawks when the they get the walk sign. Found it! It was in Ballard.

School has been canceled on Wednesday so that students and faculty can attend the champion’s parade on 4th Avenue through downtown.  I’ll hop on a bus after a faculty meeting and then take a tourist day.  They’re telling people to either line the parade route OR rally at the C-Link but please not both.  I plan on being down at the rally, and eating in Chinatown.

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