Post Super Bowl Celebrations in Seattle

Here’s 13 seconds from Pioneer Square, 1st and Yesler, right in the intersection.

Here’s 23 seconds from 1st Avenue South and Railroad Way.  We stopped a lane of traffic, high fived people as they inched down toward Pioneer Square.  At one point a low rider rolled up and popped the hood.  There was also a dance break or two.

Finally, here’s someone else’s video of what the street party was like in Ballard:

So Ballard B tells me that this scene at Market and Leary went on for an extended period of time; people were screaming on the sidewalk, and then when the crosswalk light turned, they went into the intersection, only to cross over to the other side in time to let traffic through.  Every car honked back at them in celebration.  Ballard B also says that some body tried to start a fire with utility poll posters, but passersby called it stupid and stomped it out.

Next up:  pictures and video from tomorrow’s victory parade.

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