Egg Rolls 101


So the other day I found myself telling my students the difference between the yummy egg rolls that everyone likes, and the gross egg rolls that I hate.

Earlier this summer, the Chinese tutors were trying to organize an evening activity.  They decided to have a karaoke party in a classroom and promised that there would be egg rolls.  When I showed up to the party, I saw the egg rolls and immediately regretted coming.  One of the Chinese ladies told the other to eat an egg roll, but she sadly told her they don’t taste good.  “I like Chinese flavor egg rolls,” she said.  Duh, I thought to myself, didn’t they know they’d get the gross ones if they ordered them from take out?

No, they did not know.  The Chinese people don’t know.  The white folks for the most part don’t know.  This knowledge is native Asian American knowledge… we all know, we and our allies.  And now I share the knowledge with the vast world of my blog readership.

Click on the image above to see the presentation I made.  Or click here.   It’s really just a vocabulary presentation that I quick re-purposed for the sake of egg-roll education.

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