2014 Summer Plans

It’s day 3 of my summer break. The school year seemed a little rough, but I wonder if I feel that way every year. My two full days of summer break have already been amazing; I’ve been doing civilized things like going to the gym, washing my dishes, and blogging every day. It’s amazing what kind of life I’m capable of leading if it weren’t for the constant daily obligation called teaching. I have ambitions too; things that haven’t happened yet, but I feel like I can accomplish now that I’m not teaching… things like running the vacuum cleaner… or folding the laundry, instead of getting all my clothes in the morning from the dryer, which has been their last stop for all my clothes during the dark months called “academic year.”

My travel plans this year include some time in Vegas, and some time in Taiwan; maybe some local Seattle stuff. I haven’t made any plans to watch the World Cup with anyone, Brazilians or otherwise, although I’m watching Brazil vs. Croatia as I type this, and I’m already hungry for some farofa.

So for the rest of this summer, expect a lot of travel updates, and a lot of vocab journaling. I’ve set a goal for myself to blog a thing a day; I hope I stick with it and I hope I never have to blog about the discipline of blogging a thing a day. There will be food porn and tourist pictures.

Of course I do have every intention of adding to the language learning category; in fact I’m hoping to have enough posts for a book, eventually. If you have suggestions for me, questions, criticisms, or praise (I like praise the best…), please use the comments section below; it helps me keep track of them. I know some of you are finding these posts through twitter, facebook, or G+; I don’t mind your comments on those platforms, but remember that those comments disappear eventually… but if you use the blog’s comments section instead, your comments will stay with each post forevaaaahhhh.

What do you want to me to write about? As I write this, Frank “Frankalicious” Fradella is baiting me in this post about the difference between a polyglot and a linguist. I identify myself as a multilingual, not a polyglot, so maybe I’ll write about that someday.

As far as the title “linguist,” I would love to carry that title; I did major in linguistics! However I don’t even know what’s going on in linguistics nowadays; it’s probably better to think of me as a language teacher.

10 thoughts on “2014 Summer Plans

  1. Hey! I’ll have something to look forward to every day! Ideas? I don’t know- you always write about interesting things. Have you written about why you became a teacher? Why you stay in teaching? Where do people think you’re from when they hear you speaking your foreign languages? Which do you speak best? Do you ever think your foreign languages get envious of each other? If/when you have kids, which language/s is/are it most important for you to pass down? And how do you think you’d do it? 🙂


  2. It’s amazing to consider what life would be like when work doesn’t get in the way. How long does it take during Summer break before you achieve a kind of equilibrium in routine? My theory is 6 weeks to decompress and build in the patterns to which you naturally aspire. Could be shorter if well-practiced, longer if more anxious.


    • haha I’m already feeling pretty settled now: alarm clock is off and the dishes are done; that’s the main indicator 😉 but I’ll be travelling, so that’s all going to get turned on its head…


  3. I don’t know anything about Hualian yet…My only experience with Taiwan is in Taibei and Tainan, but I’m looking forward to seeing some of the east coast too…

    Let’s keep in touch!


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