I knew I’d regret it.

Publish a thing a day?  I knew I was going to regret it.

I started writing a post this morning, called “The Teacher Is Not Responsible For The Insane Rules You Invent,” and it featured the famous “Other One Spoon” dialog from Martin Braine 1971.  I was five paragraphs into it when I gave up; I didn’t seem to be getting to the point.

Tomorrow I’ll go back to my outline to try to figure out the things I really need to write.

Besides writing, I have several projects going on.  My house is clean, and I’m trying to keep it that way.  I’ve been practicing my Chinese writing, working on my handwriting in traditional characters.  I’ve got plenty of things to read on my kindle, in Chinese and in English.

The big project I’ve been working on, though, is to pre-write all the quizzes and vocab reviews for all four of my Chinese classes next year.  It seemed like a daunting project at first, but I’m now done with the 1st and 2nd year classes, and am well into 3rd year. I’m hoping that will lighten my workload during the school year.

Other than that I’ve been watching superhero movies, watching the World Cup, buying fresh food from the local market and cooking it for myself.  I very much enjoy this lifestyle.

Coming up later this summer:  trips to Vegas and Taipei.  Plenty to blog about then, so stay tuned.

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