Taipei 2014 Day 5

Not a lot to report about yesterday; I did a lot of writing, sitting in the air conditioned cafe, typing away. Aussie L sat across from me sketching animals. He’s working on his drawing.

I had lunch at a place I used to go to back in 2012, on 金門街 Gold Gate Street. I took a photo of the menu sticks on the wall but then 妹妹 Little Sister came and took my order right away, so I panicked before I could read anything and said 雞排 chicken steak. I’m a slow reader.





In the late afternoon, Aussie L and I bussed down past the 台電大樓 Tai Power Building (all the Filipinos snicker now…) and had cold noodles at a Burmese noodle closet in a second floor walk-up. I had never had Burmese food before, and the chilled hot sauce was spectacular. I remember thinking “I’m totally coming back here tomorrow,” as a fat mouthful of noodles hung out my mouth and dripped into the bowl. Then I realized that I’ve been having that same thought everywhere I eat here. I’m totally coming back here tomorrow! but usually I don’t. I’ve taken to saying “好,明天見!” See you tomorrow! to the shop owners but I’ve come up short on the follow-through.



On the walk back home, L showed me where the secret bakery was. Inside was a spacious, cool oasis of beautifully calm and emotionally fulfilled people. Outside it was an unmarked door with frosted glass. L wanted photos.



Later at night I met 喬丹 and Taiwan A at the 師大夜市 Shida night market just a few blocks from us. I got a bacon egg and pickle pancake that was folded like a taco. I shall henceforth refer to the dish as the pancake taco.

We were still hungry after that, so we got little bags of fried chicken and cartilage, that they dust with spice powder. To eat it you spear the chunks with a skewer. We also got some squares of deep fried 芋頭 taro, which had a very strong taro flavor, believe it or not.

No mango soft serve last night; it was getting late for me.

Today it’s cool and raining, and by cool, I mean it’s 28° C (82° F). I start my first 2 hour one-on-one class in about half an hour.

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