Taipei 2014 Day 6:

Yesterday a typhoon went the long way around Taiwan, going from the Philippines to Japan. The result for Taipei was some rain, and some cooler temperatures.

I had my first class of the summer. It’s a one on one class in a hallway closet with a sliding door. There’s room for a white board, an air conditioner, a small table, and three chairs. It looks like we’re be doing a lot of conversation, and just the grammar that comes up. That suits me fine.

At lunch time I went exploring again, and found the standard chicken steak. I spent the afternoon studying, so not much adventure to report there. For dinner I went exploring again in the Guting neighborhood, and found a little place for Cantonese bbq.

These daily adventure posts are going to become increasingly routine now that I’m attending class. I’ll try to keep up with them, but adventure factor will be low. The language learning posts will happen as they come to me.

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