Taipei 2014 Days 8 and 9

Yesterday morning: regular stuff. Breakfast, class, laundry.

After class I returned to the same Japanese restaurant as the day before, but this time I knew what to do, and how the restaurant worked. I hadn’t studied the menu, but found the same thing I had ordered the day before and went one step up. Here’s what I got:


Not bad! But I liked the previous day’s lunch better.

Later I went down 師大路 Shida road and found a lady standing behind some barrel ovens, which can only mean one thing: 胡椒餅 which are some charcoal-baked rolls with a juicy pork meat ball and some greens in the center. The lady said they weren’t ready yet, so I walked away, but a few seconds later the lady ran out and called me back. A delivery scooter had just arrived to deliver the goods from the REAL bakery. Apparently the barrel ovens she was hanging out behind are ornamental. Boo. Anyway, I bought some, and they didn’t wow me. The filling was too sweet and the inside was doughy.





Later that night, I met KC at Starbucks. It was hot outside, so I ducked inside Starbucks for about a half second. It was FREEZING inside Starbucks, and people were wearing parkas.

KC and I cabbed to a non-touristy secret night market that only we know about, so don’t go looking for it. The market is called 南機場夜市 South Airport Night Market, and it refers to an airfield that was there 60 years ago during the Japanese Occupation. Now it’s public housing and a night market.





KC and I chatted for awhile about research, linguistics, and culture. We had and oyster fritter, bowls of 麻油雞 sesame oil chicken soup with a lot of rice wine. Later KC had some shave ice and I had a bottle of water.

So I don’t like to buy bottles of water any more, because the planet doesn’t need more plastic garbage, but sometimes I’m out without my refill bottle. In the quicky mart cooler there are tons of choices of bottle water, everywhere from 11 kuai to 35 kuai. In the past I have often gone for the cheapest bottle, but nowadays I get the 20 kuai bottle, because it will leave me with the least obnoxious kind of change in my pocket. I must be getting old.

Today for breakfast I had a 培根蛋餅, and for mid-day snack a 蘿蔔糕. After class let out I took the train to 小南門 and made my way to 家樂福 Carrefour. The goal was to buy a pillow (the pillow I was supplied with was too fluffy!) but before that could happen I chanced upon a Korean restaurant, where they forced me to eat a pretty spectacular bibimbap.







After that I bought my thinner pillow, and then a train back to my place. I wasn’t tired at all, but I decided to take the pillow for a test drive… and ended up napping for hours. Hours!

I woke up and went to dinner by myself; it was raining. I had a plate of 咖喱炸豬排飯 tonkatsu curry. As I went to leave that restaurant, I stumbled upon Aussie L, who was about to get some 牛肉湯麵 a couple doors down.

I’m not sure what’s going to go down this weekend, I might get on a train and go see another town. Or maybe I’ll just stay here and chill. Not really worried about it; I’m on vacation, after all…

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