Taipei 2014 Day 10: Sweaty, Meaty, Unfunny Adventures

imageYesterday was Saturday; no class to attend. So after a breakfast of radish cake, egg, and bacon, I struck out to re-columbus the 頂好 Dinghao, a shopping district near 忠孝敦化站 Zhongxiao-Dunhua station. I wanted to find 穩固咖啡館, which was a cool cafe I stumbled upon in 2012; a place that was serious about coffee.

Unfortunately it was 10 am, and that neighoborhood sleeps in on Saturdays. Also, it was screaming hot, sunny and muggy. In the absence of serious coffee and hot weather, my body’s involuntary reactions to sweat through my shirt and buy a mango soft serve took over. I took the train back to Benny’s Cafe and chilled out for a while. image

Later I went to lunch with 喬丹,took him to my freezing tonkastsu basement. There he made me actually READ the menu (instead of just pointing and grunting), and I learned a lot. The restaurant is called 福勝亭,and their euphamism for bonito flakes is 和風 (gentle breeze), so 和風豆腐,和風炸豬排,etc. By the way, I ordered the cheesy stomach ache. image

Afterward, we went to Helen Cafe to escape the heat a little, and then a short walk to 西門町. I had no idea it was so close and a straight shot from the NTU Hospital neighborhood. I should walk more. But also the weather should be less oppressivley hot, that would help my mental map as well.

I went by myself to a foot massage place that Squirmy E had showed us two years ago. Unlike other foot massage places that are either comfort-oriented luxury spas, or colorful local gossip salons, this place (called 達摩) seems more therapeutic, to the point of seeming athletic. I like that place.

yellow water foot jacuzzi.

yellow water foot jacuzzi.


Afterward, I went home to chill, and then later I got a chat that we were going to dinner, Taiwan Amy, 喬丹,and some German dude. Of course I suggested we go to a German restaurant, and then next thing I knew I had a roast pork knuckle, a sausage platter, and another roast meat platter (ground meat patty, ribs, etc) staring up at us from the table. It was meaty and fun. image



German G eats a sandwich.

German G eats a sandwich.

Here’s the deal. Before German G showed up, we were enthusiastically talking English in German accents, saying delightful things like “mmm, chocolate” and “vat ah you sinking… about?” After dinner, German G finally showed up, we had to stop doing our outrageous German accents that were aimless and 10 decibels too loud. We stopped doing it because I’m sure German G would have been RIGHT IN HIS ELEMENT.

We had some drinks and went to a comedy club. It was English night, and the comedy was 100% unfunny. UN. FUNNY. It was some sad people complaining about their lives. NOT. FUNNY.

I snuck out during the intermission and caught a cab ride back home. In the cab, I talked my face off in Chinese; just chatted the driver’s ear off, yap yap yap yap!

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