Dear Laowai Guardian Angel: Fluffy Towel-Gate



Dear 老外 Guardian Angel,
I brought my fluffy American bath towel with me to Taipei, which is nice because I take several showers a day to cool off. Unfortunately, when I hang it up between uses, it’s bigger than the clothes hanger, so it bunches up as it hangs, and a day or so after laundry day it already smells like dog that plays in a stagnant freshwater lake. What do I do, give up and move to Canada? Sincerely, JP.

Dear JP,
Although there are several ways that Canadian society may quite suit you, you might first try walking up 師大路 Shida Road to the household goods store. There, you shall find a two-pack of gigantor pink and blue clothes hangers; big enough for, say, a twin bed mattress, were it to start wearing blazers and sports jackets. With these colossal hangers, you should probably be able to hang your Fluffy American Towel in a non-bunchy fashion as to prevent the lake-dog-smellin’ effect. 加油!Love, your 老外 Guardian Angel.

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