Taipei 2014 Day 13 What even happened yesterday?

Yesterday there was an early message about emergency contact information; someone wanted to get a spider bite looked at.

I went to class. It’s about two weeks today since I arrived in Taipei, and I think I must have busted through my two-week immersion headache barrier yesterday, because I’m no longer busting ass to speak Chinese; I’m just talking and making the mistakes I have to make. My teacher was a little checked out as well; she neglected to write down important words like 霜淇淋 (soft serve ice cream), which I told a long, involved story about; but managed to write down 抽油煙機, which is the hood above your stove that sucks up all the smoke and vents it to the outside. She’s off to Japan later this week, so new teacher today.

Some other great vocab words from my notes: 猩球崛起 (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), 復仇者聯盟 (The Avengers), and my favorite: 尼古拉斯。凱奇 (Nicholas Cage).

I picked up my new glasses, which are nice. Later I went to lunch at a restaurant that is light on the food but heavy on the AC and ESL humor. It’s called “Joe’s Time” and there were all kinds of silly non-sensical ESL references all over the menu and walls. I ordered a rose iced tea without sugar, and was warned that it would taste bad. It tasted great but I didn’t drink it at all because it was fruit juice. Sigh. Then I ordered a pizza, which was listed as a “PIZZA COOKIE” because “cookie” and “cracker” are the same in Chinese, and this pizza was made on a cracker. It had pre-cooked Italian sausage, canned pineapple and canned corn on it, and took forever. Whatever, it was food.


Not going back there. But I will go back to Pica Pica, which was a nice peaceful cafe. I was there for a while, and then downtime in my room, and then Toko Sakura, and Indonesian grocery and buffet, recommended by Aussie L. I had beef rendang, 喬丹 had rendang and a mackerel. It was spicy and good, but maybe sitting out for a while.

Later there was a 芒果霜淇淋 and then more chilling out until bedtime.






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