Taipei 2014 Day 14: Halfway-point Blues

Well, it seem like I’ve hit the two-week point. 17 days left in Taipei.

Yesterday for lunch 喬丹 and I decided to stay in the neighborhood so we got some simple 炸排骨飯 fried pork chop, which is one of the basic meals in Taipei. We went to 龍城什麼什麼.

Tooled around at Benny’s for the afternoon, and then went home and realized there that I had been walking around with a shaving atrocity on my face for the last 48 hours. There was a big swath of my chin that my razor just failed to find the day before. I sent an accusatory text to 喬丹, who had just eaten a pork chop across from it, and he just answered “haha I wasn’t going to say anything.” Guhhhhh

Nap time, and then I met Aussie L for his last night in Taipei. He asked me for recommendations on where to have dinner, which is weird since I’ve been here two weeks and he’s been here two years. So I recommended the spots I’ve been to: German restaurant, mountain side tea house, downtown movie themed tea house… Aussie L chose a German restaurant in 公館 Gongguan called 歌德 “Goethe” and ate some meat.image

Aussie L wanted to make sure his fingers were in the shot.

Aussie L wanted to make sure his fingers were in the shot.

Afterward, L was organizing a night of clubbing and I was like, nah dude, see ya bye… and walked back through the back side of 公館 Gongguan, the same neighborhood I strolled through the other night. Lisa in Toronto gave me a couple of missions to find some places; I found her noodle shop but not Café Trouvé. I’ll look agian.image

Today I woke up at 4am, wondering how to say “although” in French. I was too tired to look it up. My mouth was forming the word “bien” but my mind wasn’t clicking. I went back to sleep and got up a couple hours later. I was bummed out by the shootings in Gaza, the passenger plane shot down over Ukraine, an article about men who think they’re awesome because they’ve decided to validate women (newsflash; they’ve BEEN valid all this time), and a facebook discussion about how white people want to dictate other people’s ethnic labels. I also realized I had a mosquito bite, and that my housing situation is ethnically segregated.

I going to take Aussie L to the airport tonight as he moves back to Oz. Obviously he doesn’t need my help, but when I move, it’s something that I would have others do unto me.

I have four hours of class today. The conjunction “although” in French that I was looking for was “bien que” or “quoique.” If I used to know the word “quoique” I have no memory of it.

17 days left in Taiwan.image

Foreigners only?  Seems kind of sad.

Foreigners only? Seems kind of sad.

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